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By Phie Ambo
A documentary about a farmer, the universe and bureaucracy

“Good Things Await”

Niels Stokholm is one of the most idealistic farmers in the agricultural country of Denmark. He makes some of the world’s finest products nursed in harmony with the universe and praised by consumers and the world’s best restaurant, NOMA in Copenhagen. But Niels’ ways of farming in accordance with the planets and the primal instincts of the animals are not too popular with the authorities. They are threatening to withdraw his license to keep cattle, buildings and deteriorating and with no successor to take over. Niels seeing risk of his life to fall apart …

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About Thorshøjgaard  and The Original Red Danish Dairy Breed 
The farm Thorshøjgaard is own by a foundation, Thorshøjgaard Fonden, and has been a biodynamic farm since 1975 and is one of the last biodynamic farms in Denmark. The farmer Niels Stokholm works hard to restore, maintain and enhance harmony with nature. The animal herd consists of the Original Red Danish Dairy Breed which is a breed with a strong immune system and the breed has never been mixed with industrial breeding. Still, The Original Red Danish Dairy Breed has been appointed for conservation by the National Genetic Resources Committee.

Focus on animal welfare
Furthermore the animals are fed with grass and herbs on the fields during the summer and hay during the winter. Niels Stokholm takes good care of the animals welfare. By keeping the bulls, cows and calves up to four months together the animals become comfortable and harmonious.

Animals in their natural habitat
At Thorshøjgaard you will also see pigs, hens and sheep of Nordic origin. The animals live in their natural environment which you can certainly  taste and feel on the quality of the milk and meat.

Support The Original Red Danish Dairy Breed and Thorshøjgaard
Copenhagen Street Food has given DKK 1,3 million (12.10.16) to the foundation Thorshøjgaard Fonden.
YOU can support Original Red Danish Dairy Bred and Thorshøjgaard by buying a water at Copenhagen Street Food, hereby donate you 4 DKK to Thorshøjgaard and help the biodynamic agriculture to exist for generations.

Give a donation to the foundation Thorshøjgaard Fonden on the Danish account:  registration number.: 3163 and bank account: 3172058329

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