The Council


To create activities of quality, diversity focusing on sustainability, Copenhagen Street Food has established a council focusing on following:

  • The Food: The Council offers advice on new initiatives regarding quality and variety of food and drinks
  • The Decoration and Art: The Council will offer advice about marketing, installation, design, etc.
  • The Culture: The Council will make proposals about cultural events
  • The Music: The Council will offer advice and provide proposals regarding concerts, music events, etc.
  • Municipal/Public activities: The Council will offer advice on the use of Hall 7 & 8 regarding the presentation of the Capital.


The members contribute with their experience and qualifications as volunteers and not as representative of the companies they are employed by.

Hazel Evans, Stifter af Mad About Copenhagen
Claus Engberg, Sales & Marketing Director On Trade
Andreas Poppenbøll Hansen, Københavns Kommune, Vækst & Internationalisering

Hazel Evans

Why is Copenhagen Street Food an interesting place?
What I love about Copenhagen Street Food is that it’s opened up doors to people from so many different cultures to bring their cuisine to us – who otherwise might not have been able to, and you can taste it all in one place. There’s something special about the coming together of so many different kinds of people – both those making the food and those eating it!

What is your motivation for being a member of the street food council and how will you contribute?
I was so honoured to be invited to be part of the council. Since the beginning, I’ve loved the place, and as Copenhagen Street Food is set to move in 2018, I’m determined to make sure that the spirit of Copenhagen Street Food will carry on. I hope it can bring the same kind of culture and community to other parts of the city as it has done for Papirøen.


Claus Engberg

Why is Copenhagen Street Food an interesting place?
As a citizen of Copenhagen, I have visited the market several times a month since the opening of Copenhagen Street Food.  I like the idea of getting inspired on the day or evening. I think that the atmosphere and bustle of the stalls with the different types of facades and their “own” design and the smell from the many different cuisines are united on a higher level here. Copenhagen really needs such a place where you can be inspired by the culture and food on a unique “location” with a vibrant atmosphere. When it is summer on the quay, the evenings are longer it is great that you can enjoy a glass of Rose or a cold beer in a deck chair.

What is your motivation for being a member of the Street Food Council, and how will you contribute?
I am motivated by the possibilities of diversity, and that is what makes Copenhagen Street Food unique. I would like to help maintain and develop through my experience from many years in the industry. Furthermore, I want to help the various stalls / stallholders with commercial advice when needed.

Andreas Poppenbøll Hansen


Why is Copenhagen Street Food an interesting place?
Copenhagen Street Food is an interesting place because it shows how food can bring people together and develop neighborhoods. In addition, the site was born out of an entrepreneurial spirit, which helps food entrepreneurs to start up their business. In this way, CPH Street Food i an example of coherence between food, new jobs and culture. However, it will be interesting to follow development in the coming year – including if CPH Street Food can be a platform for new kinds of cultural events..

What is your motivation for being a member of the Street Food Council, and how will you contribute?
Since I work with entrepreneurship within the food industry, I’m interested in what has worked at Papirøen, and what didn’t work so well. Furthermore, I am concerned with how CPH Street Food can contribute to the continue to development Copenhagen as a food and culture city. At the same time I am also very aware that my function in the Street Food Council should not be confused with my work in the Municipality. Therefore I am glad that I have made an agreement with CPH Street Food that I only relate myself to the concrete activities in Papirøen.


The Food Committee
Anders Barsøe, Gastronomic Consultant
Gorm Wisweh, Chef and owner of Gorm’s
Judith Kyst, Director of Madkulturen
Mikkel Sander, Project Manager – Food and Beverage strategy, Roskilde Festival
Søren Gericke, Chef and Consultant

The Decoration and Art Committee 
Anders Morgenthaler, Comics Artist and Film Director
Christian Just-Linde, Artist
Carla Cammilla Hjort, CEO, Artrebels and Trailerpark
Henrik Vibskov, Designer

The Culture Committee
Julie Hildebrandt Hæsum, Project Manager at Copenhagen Cooking
Nanna Jardorf, Project Manager, Danish Architecture Centre
Palle Strøm, TV-man

The Music Committee
Lars Bjarno, DJ
Mads Maaløe-Jørgensen, Organizer of Concerts

The Committee for Municipal activities 
Jacob Hartmann, Senior Counselor, Sharing Copenhagen
Ulrika Mårtensson, Head of Communications meeting and conventions, Wonderful Copenhagen

Furthermore we have a task force for communication
Freddy Neumann, Communication Consultant, Neumann Strategy and Communication
Kristina V. Pedersen, Event Planner, Roskilde Festival